Immigration to Germany Especially doctors and paramedics

Medicine is another job in Germany. Because of the country’s hospitals, a severe shortage of paramedics and paramedics are highly visible. The strong need for skilled medical and paramedical personnel in the country has increased the demand for these two forces. The shortage of general practitioners is evident in many German villages; the rise of the elderly as well as the retirement of many older doctors in Germany exacerbates this. The applicant can participate in German – language courses under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Labor. These special courses range from 8 to 10 months. After all, the applicant will be employed as doctors and paramedics in the hospitals. In addition, the usual salaries of doctors and paramedics are over € 4,000.


  • German Language degree (B1)
  • Skill scores above 80%
  • Degree average above 15
  • At least 2 years of work experience
  • Maximum age 50 years
  • Program timeframe 6 to 8 months


  • School degrees from secondary school, university and university.
  • sendtherequireddocumentstoGermany
  • Admission to German colleges with 1 year insurance
  • Embassy appointment
  • 1 year visa
  • The applicant first attends specialized courses of 8 to 10 months as a physician or paramedic.After completing the course and completing the relevant examinations, he can work in German hospitals. The government then gives the applicant a one-year work visa, which is a job search visa (Job Seeker).The applicant can apply for permanent residence after 3 months of work.
  • Permission to establish an office 3 years after working in hospitals


The sum of 2000 thousand euros as Deposit College has to be paid. If visa fails, 500 euros are deducted from the money and the remaining money is returned to the applicant. The applicant must block around 9,000 in his account, which reflects his ability to pay for his education expenses. The course costs between 10 and 12,000 Euros, with 30% to 50% of the college fee being reimbursed by the government, subject to conditions.

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