Sweden’s Permanent Residence , Self – employment

Sweden is one of the richest countries in the world, economically one of the strongest in Europe. In addition to receiving permanent residence, people who are experiencing Swedish investment and investment can benefit from many benefits and welfare facilities. It is one of the shortest and easiest immigration programs in Sweden, which the applicant must establish similar to his business in the country.


IELTS Language Certificate 5
No need for a degree
Maximum age 55 years
The process takes 12 to 14 months

License with at least 2 years work experience
50% ownership of business shares
Property worth 700 million USD
Applicant physical presence 9 months per year
Permanent residence of spouse and children under 18 years


The applicant can first enter Sweden with a workvisa single entry visa of 3 to 6 months depending on the business start up. After starting a business, he receives a work permit visa. After 2 years of active business, he can obtain his permanent residence. After 3 years of permanent confinement, he is able to get a passport. It is possible to keep the family from entering Sweden.

financial ability

The applicant must have approximately SEK 200,000 in order to prove his financial standing. Also, the cost of 100,000 and 50,000 crowns will also be added to the spouse and child of the applicant, respectively. The applicant must have about 700 million euros as an asset of the value of $ 200 million in cash to prove that he has a competence .

Jobs needed :

Hotels, Service Companies, Construction Companies, Hairdressers, Catering & Restaurants, Freight Forwarders, Exhibitors, Online & Internet Jobs (Warehousing Holders For At least 2 Years)

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