Immigration to Australia ,Specialist Force 189 Visa

Australia is a multi – cultural and multi – cultural country that has become a home for many immigrants. The proximity of various large numbers in Australia has attracted many countries and especially Asian countries. One of the reasons for the spread of immigration to Australia is the country’s strong economy. Australia uses low unemployment rate and with the objective of sustainable development and economic and scientific competition with other developed countries, there is much need for many jobs that can be provided by immigration applicants to Australia. One of the country’s permanent residency programs is through an expert force that allows one to work and live without restrictions on the country.

• Earn at least 65 points according to the scoreboard
• Have IELTS Minimum score of 7
• Work experience with education related insurance
• Minimum undergraduate degree
• Best age for action between 25 to 32 years
Applicant filing (IELTS Document Equivalence)
Online record file (receive at least 65 points)
Waiting to be accepted (invitation from the migration office)
Requesting physical evidence (sending physical evidence)
Receive pass approval
Obtain a visa and receive permanent residence approval.
• Easy Print Requirements
• Medium fast process time
• No need to sponsor the employer or the province.
• To benefit from their free education and family members.
• Use of free treatment insurance
List of required majors
Agricultural engineering
Architectural engineering
Medical engineering
Chemical engineering
Computer Networks Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronic engineering
Environmental Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Material Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Software Engineering
Structural Engineering
Telecommunications engineering
Telecommunication network engineering
Transport engineering
Australian 189 Visa Scoreboard
The applicant must obtain at least 65 points in order to take action via the 189 Australia visa.
A person’s career and career should be included on the list of Australian visas.
Notice that the course of education won’t score.
Language degree grade (IELTS)

Score IELTS score
0 IELTS 6 in all four skills
10 IELTS 7 in all four skills
20 IELTS 8 in all four skills
Applicant’s age
Score age
25 18 to 24 years
30 25 to 32 years
25 33 to 39 years
15 40 to 44 years

Score Work history
0 under the 3 age of three

5 3 to 4 years
10 5 to 7 years
15 8 to 10 years

Work experience in Australia

Score work experience in Australia

0 under the 1 age of three
5 1 to 2 years
10 3 to 4 years
15 5 to 7 years
20 8 to 10 years

Degree of education
Score degree of education

20 PHD
15 bachlore
10 diploma

Degree from Australia

score Degree from Australia
5 diploma or assocciate
5 master or PHD

score The others
5 The language degree from Australia
5 Study in Australia
(Required courses in low-population provinces)
5 Spouse education (Required fields in the declared list)
5 12-month courses related to the applicant’s job at least 4 years prior to applying)

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