immigration to sweden, special nurses

This period is officially held under the auspices of the Swedish Ministry of Science and Labour. The applicant will participate in a period of 10 to 12 months. After completing this period, the applicant will be employed as a nurse in hospitals and receives law.


Minimum Bachelor’s Degree
Not having a GPA
Knowledge of Swedish language A1
Maximum admission age is 47 years
No need for work experience
Program process 6 to 8 months


– Translate the latest degree with transcript
– Certification of qualifications from Sweden
– College registration with 1 year insurance
– Embassy appointment
– 1 year visa

The applicant first attends specialized courses of 10 to 12 months as a nurse and receives a C1 certificate after passing the test. The applicant is required to undergo a 3-month training course at the hospital. The government then gives the applicant a one-year work visa, the same as a job search visa (Job Seeker). The applicant can act for permanent residence after 3 months of work . The transfer of the applicant ‘s family from the beginning of his arrival on Swedish soil is possible .

Permission to establish an office 3 years after working in hospitals

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