Permanent Canadian residence

اقامت دائم در کانادا

Quebec is the largest province in Canada, located in the east of the country. It is also the second most populous province in Canada since Ontario. The formal language of Quebec is the most populous city in Quebec. Quebec is the most important industrial hub of Canada, and many of Canada ” s industries and mines are located in the province.

Paper industry, wood and hydroelectric industries are among the most important industries in the province. Quebec City the capital of the province of Quebec, including the oldest cities in Canada and the only city in North America is due to exceptional architecture and natural attractions, which in 1985 was chosen by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity. Quebec is the only province that has an independent immigration department and receives about 1 immigrant per year.



The Quebec immigration program is currently one of the fastest growing Canadian permanent residence applications through investment. To develop the economy and increase employment in the province, the government is seeking to attract successful and efficient people around the world, which entrepreneurs, managers and business owners can take action by having financial conditions and management records required to participate in the program.


  • No qualification required (for ages 40 to 45)
    § No need for language certification in Early Appeal
    § No age restriction
    § At least $ 2 million worth of assets
    § At least two years of business ownership
    § Investment of $ 1.2 million with a 5-year profit-free return
    § Payment of $ 350.000 with no refund
    § No background
    §Medical testing
    §18 to 24 months’ time process


o Permanent residence of spouse and child under 22 years
o Entry of citizenship rights from the very beginning
o Free education
o Health services

Those who can live through this program:

General practitioner or licensed office specialist
Dentist with office license
Doctor Pharmacist holds a pharmacy license
the shop owner holds a business license
Lawyer if you have a law license or law firm
Active Company Licensing

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