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Caspian Immigration Institute tries to choose the best immigration option according to your taste and needs by providing different immigration methods to all parts of the world.

We at Caspian, with years of experience and activity in relation to obtaining passports, residence and all kinds of tourist, educational, business visas, etc., have always been trying to provide better services for the immigration and residence of our compatriots and create new opportunities, a bright future and an ideal life. For you, he considers your loved ones as his only ideal and goal. Accuracy, honesty, speed, and quality are the main success factors of this group in the number of successful immigration projects.

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If you are planning to migrate, Caspian’s specialized team will be by your side in all stages.

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Investment in foreign countries

Investing abroad is one of the types of immigration to European countries, which itself has various types. Some of these methods lead to residence and others only increase the profit from investment. A very important point is the favorable conditions of European countries for investment. Because the economy of many of these countries is in a good position and investing abroad in these countries, in addition to preserving capital, increases profits. On the other hand, reputable European countries have also provided a suitable platform for investment abroad for the prosperity of their economic flow. For this reason, many people in different countries want to invest in European countries and enjoy its many benefits.

Investing outside of Iran

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Portfolio design

One of the problems faced by many applicants for immigration to countries such as Canada, Australia, Austria or other countries is preparing a portfolio and so-called work album. This visual resume is of particular importance because sometimes the case officer goes to the portfolio with a superficial study of the case (due to the lack of time and the abundance of cases) to find out about the applicant’s work records by checking it. In addition to the correct format, the portfolio should have accurate and expressive text as well as good visual and graphic appeal.
Caspian Immigration Group, in cooperation with art professors and branding consultants, is ready to pave your way to get the desired result by conducting an initial interview and reviewing your resume, preparing a professional CV and designing a portfolio, taking into account international standards.

Portfolio design and construction

Writing a strong letter of recommendation and motivation

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Caspian Residence Institute uses all tools to achieve your goals; Writing a letter of recommendation that is a catalyst for obtaining your residency.

Writing a letter of recommendation

Or writing a strong letter of motivation, which is derived from Caspian’s many years of experience, and is one of your first steps that must be taken firmly and principled.

Writing motivation letter

Educational services

If you intend to emigrate to continue your education. Our lawyers can choose the best immigration destination for you based on your academic field and resume and follow the steps from beginning to end.

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Are you still not sure which country is the most suitable for you?

Our experienced consultants are ready to guide you. We will answer your doubts, questions, and concerns regarding immigration.

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