Permanent Residence Canada Self-employment for athletes and coaches

One way of migrating to Canada and obtaining permanent residence is a special employment of athletes and coaches. Fred self employment  is told to prove to the Canadian Immigration Office that he has the ability to earn money and to set up a business in the country according to his professional experience.


without the need for a related academic degree.

* Without the need for language degrees

– No age limit

without the need to invest

– Having 3 years of an interpreter

– Having sufficient capital to demonstrate the readiness of self-employment  in Canada

– Time of process 1.5 to 2 years


  • Enjoy all citizenship rights upon arrival
  • Possibility of choosing a residence throughout Canada
  • Permanent residence of spouse and children under 22 years
  • Free education
  • Health services

The list of sports jobs currently required by Canada and allows immigration to Canada has been made easy for applicants with easy conditions:

Athletes, Coaches, Referees, Sports Coaches-Leader and Head of Sports Teams, Clubs

–Athletes who are a member of the national team or national team also have a national status.

The trainers who are a member of the national team and the Iranian national team.

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