The Prince of Long Island

Prince Edward Island is a low – area county in Canada. It is the 23 rd. largest island in Canada, ranked 104 among the world’s largest islands. Charlotte Town is the capital of the province. Prince Edward has four chapters, which are very cold and cool in winter, and cool in summer. The main industries in this island are tourism, agriculture, industrial production and fishing. About 30 % of Canadian potatoes grow on the island’s farm, which is the most important source of traffic. The tourism industry (especially during the summer)is one of the important sources of t the attraction of natural landscapes , golf matches , and the village of a girl from bethnal green in the island attract a large number of tourists . Industrial products mainly operate in food industries. Especially in the fields of medicine, electronics, and biological sciences are also finding their special place on the island. Due to low cost, life on the island is very convenient for citizens. Prince Edward Island is the only place in Canada to pay for housing and housing. While taxes on provincial income are above the average Canadian tax.


Prince Edward ” s Entrepreneurship Program is dedicated to those who have the ability and power to start businesses in the province besides staying in the province. The programme aims at increasing the number of people who have a positive impact on the economic approach and needs of the province. In addition to having management experience in addition to having management experience, the applicant must submit a comprehensive plan according to all the program criteria that plays a significant role in his case study by the provincial migration department.


Diploma Degree
§IELTS Certificate 4.5
§ Ages 21 to 55
§Assets valued at $ 600,000 (land, property, cash, bank deposit and stock)
§ $ 200,000 deposit (refundable)
§ I At least 3 years of management experience
1.5-year time process investment of $ 150,000


o Registration file online

o The initial choice time of the file 3 – 6 months

o The invitation to interview 9 months

o: $ 245000 after an acceptable interview

o the Provincial Nomination and Work Permit
o Getting PR after starting a business
o A deposit of $ 150,000 after a business is launched for one year
o Receipt of $ 50,000 for physical presence in the province 6 months a year


  • Entry right to citizenship
    • free education
    • health Service
    • Low amount of investment
    • Visit the province for more information before making a deposit
    • Return on deposit if invested
    • 2-year business opportunity
    • A shorter timeframe compared to other Canadian investment and entrepreneurship programs

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