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South Africa
South Africa is a country in southern Africa and on the shores of both the Atlantic and Atlantic oceans. This country is a world summarized in one country. A wonderful country home is one of the biggest warriors of freedom, Nelson Mandela. South Africa is an excellent destination for travel and migration. This country is very diverse and unique in terms of cultural and natural features, including vegetation and wildlife. As if, he had left a little world in his heart. South Africa has 11 official languages, which English is widely used in business and in the public sphere. With the growing economy ahead, South Africa provides many job opportunities for people with different professions and professions, which attract more foreign troops from all over the world. In addition, the South African government welcomes the group and more people whose expertise and expertise are in accordance with the needs of the government, technical engineers are one of them.
Job Seeker (job search)
• Minimum undergraduate degree
• At least 5 years of insurance experience
• Police Clearance
• Financial proof
• Maximum age 45 years
• Timeframe of 6 to 9 months

o Permanent residence permit
o Receiving high salaries
o No need for English

List of Strings:

 Civil Engineer
 Structural engineer
 Electrical engineer
 Electronic engineer
 Industrial engineer
 Environmental engineer
 Mechanical engineer
 Quantity surveying
 Software engineer
 Business analyst
 Systems analyst
 IT manager
 Financial analysis
 Financial management
 Risk management

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