Obtain Canada Permanent residence for skill worker

Skill Worker   and Express Entry

Canada is one of the richest and richest countries in the world, in the last 10 years, the maximum amount of migration has taken place. The economy of this country enjoys a variety of diversity and diversity, The country is also among the top 10 countries in the world, thus attracting foreign labour and specialists is always on the agenda.

Specialist Force Program Express Entry (federal) 2. Skilled Worker(province), there are two ways the government can attract job migration applicants to Canada and make them based on the education level, because of the high potential applicants, the Canadian government plan to speed up the business process. And a quicker selection of the Provincial Plan Files and put the federal government in its own way.


  • Minimum bachelor’s degree
    • IELTS Degree 6 in all 4 skills
    • Maximum age 35
    • At least 3 years of work experience
    • Earn points in the rating system
    • Police Clearance
    • Medical testing


  • Minimum bachelor’s degree
    • IELTS Degree 6 in all 4 skills
    • Maximum age 35
    • At least 3 years of work experience
    • Earn points in the rating system
    • Police Clearance
    • Medical testing

Scoring 2018 Quebec Canada

First, to calculate a rating for the 2018 Quebec, Canada have their field in the list of strings each year with Immigration Quebec will not find.

The Strings are on the official site of the Immigration Office.

The table has two columns.

The right column Quebec degrees it says there is a document issued from Quebec. You can collect your education degrees and score Quebec degrees get it and if the equation fails you should search for your string in the left column. At the top of each table are two headings:

 Praincipal applicant

Spouse or de facto spouse

For example, if the main person and the wife of both are a bachelor’s bachelor

The top five points out 12 points and spouse 4.

There are a few words in the table:

DCS (Diploma of Collegial Studies)

DVS (Diploma of Vocational Studies)

ACS (Attestation of Vocational Specialization)


points level of education


14 PHD
10 Bachlor
6 Associate

Husband’s education                                                                                            


level of education


4 PHD or master


Master & Associate
2 diploma

Work Experience                                            


Work Experience


0 Less than 6 months
4 6 months  to 23 months
6 24 months  to 47 months
8 More than 48 month


Age condition

Spouse point  

applicant ‘s score


3 16 18 to 35
2 14 36
2 12 37
2 10 38
2 8 39
1 6 40
1 4 41
1 2 42


                                                French language




Listening Reading Writing
B2 5 5 1 1
C1 6 6 1 1
C2 7 7 1 1


 Spouse’s Language (French)

B2 2
C1 3
C2 3

                                                English Language

  Speaking Listening Reading


advance 2 2 1 1
medium 1 1 1 1
Elementary 0 0 0 0

The average IELTS level is 1 to 2

 Advanced level is 7 to 10

The wife will not take advantage of the English language.

avantage The age of children


4 for every child of more than 12 years


2 Per child between 13 and 21 years

For every child of more than

Note that you will receive a maximum of two children

                                            Financial ability                   

  Applicant person Applicant and spouse
Without child 3016 C$ 4422 C$
1 child under 18 years 4052 C$ 4954 C$
2 child under 18 years 4574 C$ 5347 C$
3 child under 18 years 5096 C$ 5739 C$

You will only get one bonus for financial ability

                                      Staying and having a family          

Points subject


1 Any stay in Quebec for at least two weeks and less than three months
2 any remaining ( except for education and all time ) more than three months in quebec


5 Full – time work or work for three months or more in Quebec
3 Having one of the following:

Relatives must have a PR card
(Permanent Residence)

The method of calculating the rating how will Quebec, Canada in 2018:

The method of calculating the Quebec scoring is that first, regardless of the child’s scores

and a wealth of fortune for the singel of 43 and for the married 52.

It has to score 50 ( single ) and 59 ( married ) to pass the case after the سابمیت and when asking for physical evidence .

The method will be selected from the second of August 2018 and will be the criterion for choosing a higher score.

The table of scoring Saskatchewan’s Skylark Worker

Applicants must earn at least 2 points to apply through this program.

The basis for selecting the applicant is to have more points. The subject of study and career should be on the list of disciplines. Keep in mind financial and discipline will not benefit you. No points are considered for the wife in the province, and the scoring criterion will be just for the applicant.

List of threads:

In the following list, strings and jobs required for the province have been identified. These fields can vary in any period.

code subject of majer


8252 Contractors of Agriculture, Supervisor of Animal Husbandry Experts
821 Board of farmland and Agriculture


Financial Requirements Required

The applicant must submit a fee to prove his or her primary income in Canada in the form of a financial application. This appeal varies according to the number of family members. The financial statement can be displayed in the individual’s rial or currency account.

amount ( canadian dollar )


The member of family


12300 1 person


15312 2 person


18825 3 person


22856 4 person


25323 5 person


29236 6 person


32550 Up to 7 people


(you will not have the privilege of owning a fortune)

Educational cross – section

academic degrees should be sent to the province to be equivalent .

Score Educational cross – section


23 Master or PHD
20 Bachlor
15 assocciate
12 doploma

work experience

score work experience


15 Ten year
14 Nine year
13 8 year
12 7 year
10 Six/five year
8 Four year
6 Three year
4 Two tear
2 One year

The debt ceiling is 15.

IELTS exam score

score CLB score


20 CLB 8
18 CLB 7
16 CLB 6
14 CLB 5
12 CLB 4

Applicant’s age

score Applicant’s age


0 Less than 18
8 18 to 21 year
12 22 to 34 year
10 35 to 45 year
8 45 to 50 year
0 More than 50 year

Adaptability to the province       

score Applicant relationship with the province


20 first class family in the province


5 Work history in the province at least 12 months


5 The history of education in the province is at least one year.



Each year, the sascachoan province accepts a number of 2500 and 3,000 applicants. This number can vary in any year. The program will be held in different periods and will receive between 500 to 700 applicants in each period.

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