Immigration to Turkey

Turkey with a number of different climates, the coastal areas that are close to the Aegean and the Mediterranean, have the temperate Mediterranean climate, the region bordering the Aegean Sea, the cool, moist winter weather, and summer rather warm. Turkey’s economy is a combination of indigenous and modern industries, and agriculture plays a major role in the country’s economy. Turkey is highly developed in terms of tourism, whose economy is also dependent on tourism. People in this country are very rich, kind and hospitable, and have many cultural similarities with Iranian people. Turkey has a very diverse culture and its cause is nothing but numerous immigration and incursions, which have occurred over the past decade.

Kimlik 1 year stay

turkey has attracted people from all parts of the world , especially iranians , due to its beautiful nature , favorable climate conditions as well as a variety of factors . one of the immigration programs to the country is to obtain a short – term residence or five – year residence , which will be exported to the eligible applicant , work , investment , education and tourist accommodation .


Passport scan
• Scan ID
• Photo scanning (passport)
• Mother’s passport scan
No age restriction
• No need for a degree or language
• Physical presence of the applicant in Turkey only once
• Timeframe of submission of documents 1 week


To benefitfromallcitizens’ rightsforthemselves,familymembersandchildrenunderage 20.
Havethe right topurchase,sellandownershipof the property.
Open Account
– Starting a business
– Extension of Kimlik residence for up to 3 years

conversion to permanent residency and passports

to become a permanent resident and citizen ‘s passport , at least one of the following is essential :

Having a working business at least 5 years with an annual turnover of 100,000 liras.
launch the economic complex by insuring more than 50 Turkish employees
Having a property worth at least $ 250,000
At least $ 500,000 investment in banks or government for 3 years

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