German Study Visa

Germany is one of the top academic priorities for international students. High educational standards, high educational and social standards, varied and comprehensive government services, the ability to work and obtain German residency and the very low cost of studying at public universities are all things that have made German universities a safe and desirable place to study. The cost of living in Germany depends on a number of factors, including the state of residence and lifestyle. Overall, the average cost of one person in Germany is about 750 to 850 euros monthly. Most of the living costs are related to the provision of housing for which the student can afford about 200 to 400 euros. education in germany is almost free , and in some cases the cost of an annual maximum of £ 3000 . There are 12 universities in Germany and the top 200 in the world. he is one of the technical university of munich , ludwig – maximilian – university of mun Free University of Berlin, University of Berlin Technical University, Westfield, Berlin Technical University, University of Freiburg, University of Freiburg  ich , university of munich , university of technology kit karlsruhe , university of berlin This reflects the high quality of education in this country. The best cities to study in Germany are Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, Hanover, Frankfurt, Cologne, Bonn and Stuttgart.


German certificate A2
IELTS Certificate 5.5
Degree average above 15

All rights to citizenship


Translation of documents
Embassy appointment
Submit documents to the university
Receipt letter from university
Receiving a study visa

The applicant has a three – to six – month training course after completing his education.

After taking this course and confirmation, he can take action to get his job.

after finding work and passing a training month , the applicant can be permanently hired and then act to receive the blue card .

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